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Shekoli, Boozhoo, Sekoh

Welcome to First Nations Studies

We are an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that examines key issues that impact local and global First Nations peoples (Read More)

Learn a Native Language

FNS 2112E: Iroquoian Language and Culture

Students will learn Mohawk and will examine the relationships of the language to various culturally relevant concepts.

FNS 2113: Algonquian Language & Culture

Learn Ojibway through vocabulary, sentence structure, storytelling, songs, dances, and plays.

FNS 2253G: Lunaape Language, Culture & History

Learn Delaware Lunaape through a variety of topics.

Courses Offered This Year

FNS 2217G: First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada

There are over 600 First Nations' Communities in Canada, this course will explore the variety of First Nations Cultures spread across the landscape while understanding and appreciating culture diversity.

FNS 3001G: First Nations in the Media 

FNS 3001G is offered in alternate years.  It examines how Indigenous issues are represented in the mass media and provides students the opportunity to examine contemporary issues from the perspective of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous groups though the news broadcast, print, TV and Internet.

FNS 4001G: Advanced Special Topics in First Nations Studies: Indigenous Justice & Law

Details coming soon.