Health and Safety

Faculty, staff and students should know where fire exits are located on the floor you are on. Please ensure that you know where emergency exits are especially those close to the First Nations library on the third floor, Social Science Centre.

In case of an emergency, you should dial 911 from the nearest department telephone, and not your cell phone. The campus police telephone is 519-661-3300 or ext 83300, if you are on campus. The campus police office is located in Lawson Hall. All faculty, staff and work study students have to complete the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training. This is mandatory. You must also be re-certified every three years. The WHMIS link on this page will direct you to the Human Resources WHMIS page. Here you will be directed to select the training that is right for you and how to complete it. Please ensure that you complete this taining.

The university also complies with all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation with respect to health and safety. These policies are considered as binding upon all students, staff and faculty. The university can also establish and enforce more stringent standards where appropriate. For details on safety programs and services, rehabilitation services, safety training and related information, please click HERE